Helping You Make The Right Choices For You And Your Baby

Our Mission:

“To help parents make well-informed buying decisions for their babies and kids.”

My Story

Hi! I’m Candice Whitlock, the woman behind BabyLic and a mother to a wonderful daughter since 2013. I have a simple parenting motto which I feel all of you can connect to: “To give my child the best I can afford!”

But for many of us, becoming a parent also meant free time is now scarce.

Juggling between…

  • Caring for our little ones
  • Keeping the entire house in order when hubby isn’t around
  • And (eventually) working at home

…meant we’re rushed for other important things, such as taking a serious, critical look at the stuff we buy for our babies.

I created BabyLic to help moms (and dads) like you to make the right choices for you and your baby. From strollers, carseats, to learning resources specially made for little minds, you’ll find the best of the bunch listed here, tested by yours truly along with my best mommy friends.

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If you’ve visited BabyLic for the first time and are wondering where to begin, let me recommend our latest product reviews and roundups of online resources for babies and kids:

Have a read and have fun!