If you are a parent, then a baby monitor application is a great addition to your phone. It is designed to help you keep a close watch to your baby, wherever you go.

Due to advanced technology, we finally have smartphones that we can finally use for a lot of things. With access to the internet, we can even make documents on a phone, send emails, and a lot more. Now, we can even use smartphones to keep eyes on our baby when we can’t.

With the baby monitor applications, you only need an old phone’s camera and internet access. This old phone will serve as your camera unit and your phone will be the parent unit. Connect these two and you now have a functioning baby monitor.

This is perfect for those who are in a tight budget and couldn’t afford to buy a video or audio baby monitor.

Now, you can finally see your baby with just a tap of your phone. A great convenience for parents worldwide.

Best Baby Monitor App

Since there is a wide array of choices in the Android or iPhone marketplace, it is actually hard to decide which one is the best. It usually becomes and trial and error process before finding the right application for you.

But, we are going to save you that hassle. We finally made the list of the best baby monitor applications for both Android and iPhone users.

Best Baby Monitor App for Android

AtHome Camera

The AtHome Camera application is a great substitute for your house surveillance system. It can be connected to multiple platforms, allowing you to choose the most suitable for your needs.

It has a motion detection feature that immediately sends you emails or notifications once movement is detected.

You can also set it to record at a specific time. During the night, for example, if you want to review the footage for the next day.

The two-way communication system allows you to talk to your baby. The camera can also be remotely controlled for you to view the whole area better. A great added convenience.


The BabyCam baby monitor app is another great choice in choosing a pair of eyes to watch over your baby. Added to that it is free.

It is very easy to set up and take no more than 20 seconds. It also is compatible with any devices so you can certainly connect it anywhere.

This monitor can transmit clear and high-quality video and audio of your baby. You can watch a 24/7 live feed with your parent unit and even if you just place it on background, you will still be able to hear what’s going on in your baby’s room.

It recognizes when a baby cries and will immediately send you an alert. If a sound is detected, push notifications will appear on your phone so you have the option to check your little one.


Dormi is another popular baby monitor app that offers clear video and audio quality. All you need to do is to pair two devices, one as a child unit and the other as a parent unit.

The microphone sensitivity adjusts automatically so you don’t have to do any manual adjustments at all. Even if you place the child unit away from your baby, it will still be able to hear your little one when he cries and alerts you immediately.

There is also a talkback button that would allow you to soothe your baby even if you’re away from him.

Another lovable feature is the fact that it notifies you everything. It even sends you information that comes into the child unit.

Even with your screen off, this monitor still works in the background. This way, it will not drain the parent device’ battery fast.

One thing you might not love is that you would need to pay if you want unlimited monitoring, but it does allow you to have 4 hours of free monitoring every month.

WiFi Baby Monitor

The WiFi baby monitor is another great pick for a baby monitor application. To get full access to most of the important features, you would need to pay for it. However, if you’re not sure if it will work best for you, then you can download first the free version for your trial.

Both paid and trial version offers excellent features. First, it is an effective audio baby monitor as it transmits clear audio on any sound coming from your baby’s room. It also notifies if the baby device is low on battery or if there are any connectivity issues.

If you want to monitor the room’s temperature and humidity, then this app can support that too.

The paid version opens up several other features such as the two-way communication which is really useful for soothing a baby even from afar. It will also allow the child device to capture pictures and videos for perfect monitoring.

At the same time, if you’re not fond of ads popping up, then your problem is solved through purchasing the full version.

Baby Monitor 3G

Another application you’ll love is the baby monitor 3G. It is very easy to set-up and would take you no more than 30 seconds.

The full version of this app is known for offering an excellent number of features.

First is that it captures a clear high-quality live feed video on what is going on in your baby’s room. It even comes with a light feature to allow monitoring even in the dark.

With the WiFi feature, you’ll be able to do monitoring even if you’re miles away. This way, you can watch over your baby even if you’re at work. The talkback feature is also perfect to allow you to help you in assuring your baby that you’re always watching him.

It can capture even the slightest sound. By adjusting the sensitivity levels, you’ll be able to closely monitor every noise coming from your baby’s room.

If you’re in a busy environment, then you can simply turn on the vibration mode. This way, if your baby wakes up, you’ll still be aware that alerts are going on your phone.

Finally, this monitor tracks even the sleeping patterns of your baby and creates a convenient activity log for your review.

Other great applications

Other than the five mentioned above, there are still a few excellent baby monitor applications that you can check out in the market.

Best Monitor App for iPhone

Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor application allows you to keep an eye to your baby anywhere you go. It transmits high-quality video at an unlimited range with the use of WiFi, data, or even Bluetooth.

It is super sensitive when it comes to sounds that it can even allow you to hear your baby’s breathing. It will also send notifications to your phone when noise and movement are detected.

This app is equipped with lullabies and white noise which can certainly aid in helping your baby sleep better. You can even talk to your baby even if you’re miles away with the two-way communication feature.

It supports multiple children or parent feature which would allow you to monitor two children at once or a single child with two parent devices.

Baby Monitor 3G

This baby monitor application is considered universal as it can connect to any type of device that you prefer to be a child or parent unit.

It is very easy-to-use and would take less than a minute to set-up. You can connect using WiFi or Data, allowing you unlimited range access. That means you can monitor your baby wherever you go.

You can adjust the sound sensitivity as you please. If you hear a sound which you are not certain of, you can sensitize it for a moment, allowing you to hear every sound from your baby’s room, even his breathing.

With the two-way talk communication, you’ll be able to soothe your baby by talking to him or singing to him. It can also play lullabies to help your little one sleep better.

If you love being organized, then this monitor tracks and records every activity of your baby. You can review this anytime to help you identify any patterns necessary.

Third Eye Pro

As the name indicates, the third eye pro wireless monitor will serve as you additional watcher when it comes to monitoring your baby.

Just like all the other monitoring app, this transmits high-quality video and audio wherever you go. Forget about worrying too much about your baby’s whereabouts because, with just a click of your phone, you will immediately have access to your baby’s room.

Baby Monitor for IP Camera

This baby monitor application makes use of IP cameras to watch your baby real-time anywhere you are. You can remotely control the camera focus with your parent device. So pan, tilt, and zoom as you please.

It is equipped with excellent features `such as being able to take unlimited snapshots and saving them in your library. It can also record video and audio so you may be able to review that after.

Even when the screen is off, this application will continue working in the background. At the same time, it will send you an alert through a notification or an alarm.

This monitor is also very smart as it is able to distinguish unnecessary background noise from a baby’s cry, preventing any false alarms to happen.

You can also talk to your baby to soothe him. Perfect to let your baby know that you’re not far.


Finding the best for your baby may be really hard. As parents, it is always hard to be sure about everything when it comes to our babies.

Thanks to the power of the internet, we finally have access to every important information such as finding the best of everything for our babies.

Try to do another review of the list we have above. This way, you’ll be able to be sure of what application will be perfect for your kind of monitoring.