Strollers are indeed lifesavers.

Without them, running errands like going to the grocery or even walking in the park would prove to be challenging with a baby in tow. If you have twins or two children close in age, the best double strollers will make your life a lot easier. But what if you have three children?

Sure, there are triple strollers that can accommodate all of them. However, triple strollers are made to be bulky and heavy to be able to carry three children at the same time. These make them not the most ideal option especially if you live in an area with busy streets and a lot of intersections.

The good news is that there are double strollers that allow for a third seat to be attached to it. Some models though, don’t have an actual third seat but rather, a platform where your eldest child can stand or sit on. This feature on some double strollers eliminates the need for you to either purchase a triple stroller or get another single stroller.

Buying considerations

There are three different types of double strollers. Side-by-side double strollers are those where the seats are positioned beside each other. In-line double strollers, on the other hand, have one seat in front of the other. Finally, a convertible double stroller starts as a single-child stroller with the option to add a second and a third seat.

As such, it’s imperative that you think about which type suits you and your children best. Other than the kind of double stroller, you also need to check the following before you decide which model to go with.

Age difference and weight limit

When shopping around for double strollers, it’s vital that you consider the ages of your children carefully. More than their actual ages, what’s more important when shopping for double strollers is the difference between the ages of your children. An ideal scenario for you to get a double stroller with a third seat attachment is if they are close in age like twins plus a toddler, for instance.

Your oldest child will be okay walking, but of course, he will want to sit on the third seat or stand on the platform when he’s tired. It’s also worth checking the weight limits for each seat especially if your three children are of different ages (a baby, a two-year-old, and a three-year-old).

Size and weight of the stroller

It’s already a given that double strollers are bigger compared to single-child models. As mentioned earlier, it can be difficult to maneuver around narrow aisles if you have a bulky stroller. If this is the case, it’s probably better to go with an inline double stroller than a side-by-side.

You also need to check whether or not the stroller will fit in your car. The weight of the stroller should also be considered since you’ll be carrying from time to time.

Compatibility with infant car seats

Double strollers with seats that can be turned into infant car seats are great especially if you are a parent to children aged 0-4 years old. That’s because this will save you a lot of space in your car’s trunk for other stuff that you need.

However, double strollers that have these features come at a disadvantage. Infant car seats that can be attached to the stroller adds quite a few pounds of weight. This can make moving the stroller with car seats and your little ones a challenge so keep this in mind.

Best Double Strollers with Third Seat Attachment



What’s nice about this stroller is that it starts as a single-child stroller only. Once your second child arrives, all you have to do is purchase the second seat. Come your third child and your eldest is already big enough, you can have him use the bench seat which is sold separately. If you’re okay with having just one child, you can use the stroller as is.

It’s not a double stroller, to begin with, but that’s precisely what makes it an excellent choice. This convertible stroller will change and grow as your family does. Other cool features of this stroller include car seat adapters if you need a travel system and a comfy bassinet for your newborn. Do note, that these accessories are all sold separately.


  • Huge canopy
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Reversible seat
  • Seat insert for newborns and smaller babies


  • It has multiple recline options but doesn’t go all the way flat.
  • No cup holder
  • Won’t fit in small cars so be sure to take measurements before purchasing

Baby Jogger 2016 City Select DoubleStroller

First things first, this double stroller is not meant to be used for jogging despite its name. It is, however, best when used for casual strolls to the store, parks, mall, etc. Similar to the JOOVY Qool, this can be bought as a single-child stroller where you can add a second seat later on. But if you are expecting twins, you might as well go for the double stroller version of it.

The third seat attachment comes in the form of a glider board which is not a seat but a platform where your eldest child can stand on. It is compatible with different car seat models if you need a travel system. However, keep in mind that you need to buy the right adapters for the car seat of your choice.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Can be converted into a travel system by purchasing the adapters
  • Bassinet option for newborns


  • Stroller can’t be folded when the seats are rear facing
  • Heavy and bulky compared to other strollers even when folded

JOOVY Big Caboose Graphite Stand on Stroller


This stroller also has the option for older kids to stand on a platform similar to the first two on this list. However, it takes things to the next level by providing the option for an actual rear seat that can be attached to the stroller. This is perfect if your eldest wants rest while sitting down after walking in the park.

The front and middle seats can accommodate children up to 40 lbs. Additionally, the stroller also converts to a travel system using universal car seat adapters (already included). The stroller itself only weighs 28 pounds which means that it should be easier to move around even with three kids in tow.


  • Lightweight
  • Large and removable canopies
  • There is an optional rear seat accessory can be purchased to make it fully-reclining.


  • Bulky despite being lightweight
  • No cup holder

UPPABaby Vista and Rumble Seat


The UPPABaby Vista, together with the rumble seat allows you to transport two children effortlessly. If you have newborn twins, bassinet options are available to make it a double buggy. If it’s three children close in age that you have to deal with, all you have to do is purchase the piggyback board.

It’s also convertible to a travel system just by purchasing Maxi Cosi car seat adapters. Most parents who bought this stroller have said that it’s so easy and quick to assemble. Last but not the least, it comes with a very spacious basket that can hold almost 30 lbs of weight — perfect for shopping indeed.


  • One-step fold system
  • Large shopping basket
  • Quick and easy set-up


  • Not ideal for smaller spaces
  • Pricey compared to other double strollers

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double Stroller


The one that take the top spot as the best double stroller with third seat attachment is none other than the Valco Tri Mode Duo stroller. It’s an all-terrain stroller which makes it suitable for jogging as well. The two seats are perfect for newborns since they can fully recline and car seat adapters are also available if you want to turn it into a travel system.

The toddler seat can be purchased separately to accommodate three children all at the same time. And if you ever worry about the sun and other elements, a canopy for the third seat is also available. The third seat is also attached in front of the two seats, making it an in-double stroller which means that it’s width remains the same.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Pushing the stroller is a breeze
  • Adjustable handlebar to accommodate parents of all sizes


  • Folding the stroller can be challenging
  • Not-so-spacious shopping basket


“The more, the merrier” is often true especially when it comes to multi-child households. However, it does present a challenge when it comes to taking the kids out for a stroll. And while triple strollers can help parents transport their little ones with ease, they are almost always on the heavy and bulky side.

Double strollers though offer the same (if not better) solution more flexible which make them a more attractive option for some parents.


Featured image from Flickr.