Amelia Overview

Baby on a tutu
Baby on a tutu

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Amelia (ah-me-lee-yah) is a name for a woman. It is an English translation of Amalia, a derivative of the Germanic word amal, which means “labor” and denotes industriousness and fertility.

Amelia Popularity

Popularity Name
Popularity Name

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Amelia is a pretty name that is famous in Hungary, Czech, France, Germany and Greece. As the year progresses so does the popularity of the name Amelia.

25 Funny Nicknames for Amelia

Baby with big ribbon
Baby with big ribbon

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  • A Milli – made well-known by the Lil Wayne song. Possibly refers to $1,000,000
  • Meals on Wheels – a delivery service that brings warm meals to the elderly
  • Aimee – it means “love for God” and “one who loves (God).”
  • Meels – the act or moment of eating food to sate one’s appetite. Just like a baby who eats a portion of a meal.
  • Amu – atomic mass unit (AMU or amu). A baby Einstein.
  • Meely – flecked with a different color. Just like the famous Victoria Angel Willow.
  • Captain Amelia – Treasure Planet, an animated feature film produced by Disney in 2002.
  • Meelytard – sounds meek, which means quiet, gentle like a baby.
  • Eels – just like an eel, slimy and do a lot of movement like a toddler.
  • MeeMaw – mainly used to call their grandmothers in Western Europe.
  • El – a short name that sometimes means elevated.
  • MeeMee – a cultural idea, practice, mannerism, or usage that passes from one person to another.
  • Eminem – a famous American rapper and producer
  • Meep Mop – makes “meep” noises while pulling her hair back from her face.
  • Emu – Large flightless Australian bird resembling the ostrich,
  • Melanoma – a pigment that appears in your body just like babies who pop everywhere.
  • Emzy is “a very intelligent, generous, strong, wealthy, and powerful person.”
  • Melon – a cute, sweet fruit like a baby.
  • Inny Minny – a strategy to choose something out of fun.
  • Menial – just like a caring mother who works hard for the love of her children
  • LeeLee – Leelee is a variant of Lily, which comes from the Latin word Lilium.
  • Meow – a funny nickname for children to tease them with the sound of the cat.
  • Milipede – also a funny name to call a toddler that sounds like a centipede.
  • M&M – a child’s favorite candy that needs to be eaten moderately
  • Moo – a funny but cute name for a baby to mimic the cow.

20 Cute Nicknames for Amelia

Toddler on a playground
Toddler on a playground

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  • Alia – means “supreme, exalted.”
  • Emsy – A beautiful, self-conscious woman who doesn’t know it.
  • Allie – Harmony, stone, or nobility
  • Leilani – means “heavenly flower garland” or “royal child.”
  • Ame – survives death and contains personality, intellect, will, and emotions.
  • Lil – Little is shortened to “Lil.” I
  • Amel – meaning “hope” or “aspiration.”
  • Lilly – Lilies typically signify devotion or purity.
  • Ames – means a new friend.
  • Bedelia – means “strong or exalted one.”
  • Amelita – Hardworking is the meaning in Latin.
  • Meelie – means dry and like a powder.
  • Ami – means a male friend.
  • Mel-Bel – means hard worker and meticulous.
  • Amia – a french name that means beloved
  • Meli – means Of the Sea or Bitter in Native Americans.
  • Amie – a female friend
  • Melia – means “plumeria,” a white flower with a golden core.
  • Amelita – means hardworking.
  • Milka – means queen.

20 Middle Names for Amelia

Baby Photoshoot
Baby Photoshoot

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  • Amelia Alice – the Japanese equivalent of fragmentary kana
  • Amelia Isabella – means God is my oath.
  • Amelia Anna – means graceful.
  • Amelia Jade – means “stone of the bowels,” piedra de la ijada.
  • Amelia Anne – means favor.
  • Amelia Janis – means God has been gracious.
  • Amelia Brooke – means From a stream.
  • Amelia Kate – means pure and hardworking.
  • Amelia Blyth – means cheerful.
  • Amelia Lily – means innocence.
  • Amelia Cate – means blessed.
  • Amelia Mary – the mother of Jesus
  • Amelia Catelyn – Irish name means pure.
  • Amelia Marie – means star of the sea.
  • Amelia Clementine – means merciful.
  • Amelia Olivia – means peace.
  • Amelia Dora – means gift of God.
  • Amelia Paige – Latin name for young helper
  • Amelia Elizabeth – means My God is an abundance.
  • Amelia Quincy -means the fifth.

20 Names Similar to Amelia

  • Millie – means “strong in the effort.”
  • Olivia – Amelia and Olivia have the same number of syllables and vowel sounds that are very
  • similar.
  • Isabella – Isabella is the Spanish and Italian variant of Amelia.
  • Alexandra – a baby name similar to Amelia that can be reduced to Lexi or Alex.
  • Arietta – The masculine version of the name Amelia, translates to “eagle” in German,
  • Emelia – means “rival” in Latin. Emelie and Emeline are similar to Amelia.
  • Amanda – Amanda begins and finishes with the letter “a.” which means “loveworthy.”
  • Melanie – Right in the middle of Amelia is the abbreviation Mel, which stands for Melanie.
  • Ida – Ida is a German baby name that means “industrious.”
  • Ophelia – Ophelia’s “Elia” ending sounds like Amelia. Ophelia means “help” in Greek.
  • Mae – Mae means “bitter or pearl,” according to Nameberry.
  • Rosalia – Rosalia is a name that sounds like Amelia but has a more exotic meaning. Its meaning is “rose garland.”
  • Charlotte – comes from the French language and means “free man.”
  • Eleanor – Eleanor stems from the Provencal name Aliénor, whose meaning is contested. The Germanic term Adenorde means “old north” or “noble north.”
  • Clara – The Latin origin of the feminine given name Clara gives this name the meaning “bright, clear.”
  • Aurora – Aurora means “dawn” in Latin.
  • Audrey – Audrey means “noble strength.”
  • Alice – Alice is a French diminutive of the Germanic Adelais. Adelaide comes from “noble” and “kind.”
  • Eloise – The given name Eloise is of French and English origin and means “healthy; wide.” It is used for females.
  • Adelaide – Adelaide is of German origin, meaning “noble, nobility.”

20 Names that go with Amelia

Cute hairstyle of a toddler
Cute hairstyle of a toddler

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  • Harper Amelia – someone who plays the harp
  • Abigail Amelia – means the father’s joy.
  • Elizabeth Amelia – means my God is bountiful.
  • Scarlett Amelia – means red.
  • Eleanor Amelia – means shining light.
  • Madison Amelia – means son of Matthew.
  • Layla Amelia – means night.
  • Penelope Amelia – means weaver.
  • Grace Amelia – means God’s grace.
  • Amelia Pamela – means all sweetness.
  • Amelia Pandora – means all gift.
  • Amelia Pansy – means to think.
  • Amelia Penelope – means one who is wise.
  • Amelia Philippa – means lover of horses.
  • Amelia Phoebe – means bright.
  • Amelia Prudence – means good judgment.
  • Amelia Quinn – means wise.
  • Amelia Rachael – means one with purity.
  • Amelia Rachel – means female sheep.
  • Amelia Rae – means the son of grace.