Most baby carriers are designed to be worn by both moms and dads, however, they are also those that are made especially for dads to appreciate. Read on to find out how babywearing can also be a man thing.

If you want to know what our top pick is, we recommend the Babybjorn Baby Carrier One as the best option for dads. Find out why as you read on.

Babywearing is an important part of parenthood. As a dad, you will find great benefits of keeping your baby close to you at all times apart from taking some load off your wife.

After all, it’s not fair that mom gets the most fun of babywearing! For dads who want to spend more time with their baby, the good news is that there are baby carriers that are specially made for men so you and your baby can look dashing together while staying comfy.

Below we have listed the top-rated baby carriers that most dads love and explained why you should get one for yourself.

Why Should Dads Use Baby Carriers?

Here are some of the coolest benefits of babywearing for every dad:

  • You can finally leave the bulky stroller at home. Having wheels in tow can be a bit of a hassle especially when taking the stairs or rocky roads. You will find it faster to navigate crowdy
  • places and places that are not so stroller-friendly.
  • It will please the missus and give your wife that much-needed rest she deserves.
  • You can go hands-free and be productive while holding your baby.
  • It promotes a better relationship with your little kid and grows your bond.
  • Get to know your baby better and learn queues sooner.
  • Hearing your heartbeat and being swayed as you walk will naturally chill babies out which means less crying!

What Works Best for Dads?

There are five types of baby carriers.

  1. The Wrap (as the name suggests) wraps around you and your baby with a long stretchy fabric. This is the most popular type of carrier for moms and is secured by tying the loose ends.
  2. The Ring sling or Pouch slings are fabric carriers that go over one shoulder to easily carry the baby. This is often used by moms for discreet breastfeeding.
  3. The Mei-Tai is a hybrid of wrap and soft-structured carriers. It has four straps that are tied around your arms to secure the baby.
  4. The Soft structured carriers are those that use buckle straps and waistbands for easier adjustments and more comfort. Soft structured carriers are made of fabric and offer head and leg support.
  5. The Frame Carrier or also known as Backpack carriers allows dad to wear the baby on the back. This is most recommended for a longer period of babywearing.

As a dad, you’d want to look for a baby carrier that will suit your needs. You’d want to go for carriers in neutral colors and can fit the varying body shapes of dads. Sling and wrap type carriers are popular among moms but most dads find it too fiddly.

Most dads prefer to use the solid and straightforward kind of carriers like the soft structured-type or the frame carrier that can work better for daddy sizes.

Important Reminder

Now that you know what to look for in a carrier to ensure your comfort and convenience, it is also important to take into consideration the health and safety of your baby. The most common concerns among parents about using baby carriers is that it might cause your baby to have hip damage or hip dysplasia.

To avoid this, look for a baby carrier that will allow your baby to be placed in a position where his/her legs are formed in an “M” shape. It is also recommended to look for a carrier that is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a carrier that provides proper leg and hip support.

The Best Baby Carriers For Dads Of 2020

Now that you know what to look for in a carrier, check out the options below for the top-rated baby carriers suitable for dads that are easy-to-use, cool-looking, and comfortable.

The Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

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It is an unfortunate fact that our babies grow even if we want them to stay as adorable and tiny as they are forever. But as they grow and their sizes’ change, do their baby carrier have to change as well?

You’d be happy to know that you can invest in just one baby carrier that you can use from infancy to your baby’s toddler years. The Babybjorn Baby Carrier One is just that!

Babybjorn’s baby carrier is the best choice to grow with your baby as it can fit babies aged 0-36 months. Dads will also appreciate how comfortable the extra-padded shoulder straps are.

It makes carrying your baby easier by relieving pressure and distributing the weight of the baby efficiently with its adjustable waist belt.

Additional Specs:

Item Weight 2 pounds
Product Dimensions 13 x 4 x 13 inches
Color Black, Mesh


  • 4 ways of carrying your baby
  • Made with breathable fabric
  • Can fit multiple wearers of different body sizes
  • Ergonomic natural “M” shape in all carrying positions


  • Can be too large to wear for dads with smaller frames

What Satisfied Parents Say:

“This carrier is by far the most convenient and versatile carrier I’ve ever used even during long trips! It may not look as cute as other models out there but it tops the competition when it comes to convenience, breathability, user-friendliness, and comfort. A must-buy for dads” – George C.

The Baby K’Tan Active Baby Carrier

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Sure, wrap-type carriers can be fiddly and complicated for dads, but it is comparably more affordable and lightweight than other types of baby carrier. Good thing there is a baby wrap that you only have to slip on like a T-shirt to wear.

Dads will love the Baby K’Tan Active Baby Carrier because of its no-brainer design and optimal back support. There are also sizes available with a measurement guide for XS-XL according to moms and dads’ varying body builds.

If you’re an active dad who likes to be outdoors and wants your baby to join in, then this carrier will help you carry on your pursuits. Moreover, it won’t absorb moisture or sweat from those physical activities as it is made of breathable performance fabric.

It also blocks UV rays from penetrating through the fabric to keep your baby safe and prevent sunburn.

Additional Specs:

Item Weight 1 pound
Product Dimensions 8.1 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches
Color Black


  • Temperature control for both daddy and baby.
  • Ensures proper fit with multiple size choices
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers as it can fit 8 to 35-pound babies


  • Size-specific so not shareable
  • The patch sewn through the fabric can be irritating or itchy to touch for babies.

What Satisfied Parents Say:

“It is very lightweight, comfortable and not noticeably hotter compared to other baby wraps. I highly recommend this for parents who live in areas with hotter temperature as it doesn’t make my baby or me break a sweat even during long walks or hikes.” – Jade

Ergobaby Carrier 360 Baby Carrier

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Most dads will find the sleek and simple design of the Ergobaby 360 carrier a lot more approachable than other carriers that are too complicated-looking. It comes with a bucket seat and a tuckaway hood to secure and protect your baby.

To ensure comfortability, this carrier also features padded shoulder straps and adjustable waistband so you can share it with your wife regardless of the difference in body type.

It is also known to be a great carrier for newborns as it doesn’t require parents to buy a separate infant insert for babies weighing 7 to 12 pounds. The buckle seat in the Ergobaby allows your mini human to face you while they sleep or look outwards to observe the environment.

Additional Specs:

Item Weight 2 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.5 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches
Color Icy mint


  • Supports the baby’s legs in an ergonomic natural “M” shape.
  • Can fit multiple wearers
  • UPF 50+ tuckaway hood for your baby’s sun and wind protection
  • Adjustable bucket seat that allows the baby to face forward.


  • Can be complicated to wear without the help of someone else.
  • Fastenings and clips can be time-consuming to close

What Satisfied Parents Say:

“My baby girl loves this carrier especially when we put her in a forward facing position. She loves how she can observe everything that’s going on in front of her. It is also comfortable to wear.” – Andrew H.

LÍLLÉbaby The Complete Baby Carrier

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If you wish to be the best-dressed dad and baby combo in town, this figure-hugging baby carrier can help you rock that look.

Fashion forward dads will love this stylish baby carrier as it comes in 22 different colors. Apart from its looks, the Lillebaby carrier offers six ways to carry your baby. Talk about versatility! It also offers maximum support protection with its headrest and hood features.

Another thing to love about it is that is it acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as hip friendly for babies. You can ensure your baby’s comfort and safety while looking stylish with this baby carrier.

Additional Specs:

Item Weight 2.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 4 x 11 inches
Color Carribean Sea


  • 22 color choices
  • Multiple carrying options
  • Adjustable back panel for your growing baby
  • Large zippered storage pocket and removable sleeping hood


  • Prices vary depending on the color of the carrier
  • Petite parents might find the waistband too wide

What Satisfied Parents Say:

“This is seriously one of the best-designed carriers available and is also one of the most functional. It is very user-friendly for first-time dads and I like how I can easily adjust my baby from inward facing to the front while I’m wearing the baby.” -Ryan

Final Thoughts

After looking at all of the great features of the products mentioned above and weighing in on their pros and cons, here’s our verdict: We deem the Babybjorn Baby Carrier One as the best baby carrier for dads.

Why? It’s the easiest to set up and is not fussy for the average dad. It also provides great support for newborns and can adapt as your baby grows. This baby carrier makes babywearing enjoyable, especially for dads.

You’ll find great value when you invest in the Babybjorn Baby Carrier One. With its varied carrying positions and optimal support features, you can ensure that your baby is as comfortable as you are.

Dads, we want to hear your thoughts! Do you agree with our top choice? What do you think would be the best baby carrier for dads like you?