A wrap-type baby carrier allows your baby to snuggle and cuddle with you as you keep skin-to-skin contact and strengthen your bond. We’ve reviewed some of our favorites below!

Our best bet for a wrap-type carrier is the Baby K’tan Breeze, find out how it beats the rest as you read on.

We know how much you love snuggling it up with your baby and babies love them too!

Fortunately, baby carriers were invented so you can keep the cuddles going without feeling a lot of pain and sore. It also helps a lot with multitasking.

Baby wraps are one of the first forms of babywearing and are used across different cultures. Wrap-type carriers are essentially a long piece of fabric that parents tie and knot around their body to create a secure pouch where a baby can sit.

The fabric in a wrap usually covers the shoulders and across the torso to evenly distribute the weight of the baby around your body. This makes carrying more tolerable for longer hours.

Why Should You Choose a Wrap-type Carrier?

What’s special about baby wraps is that it usually doesn’t make use of any ring, buckles, velcro or clasps that could otherwise ruffle your child’s vulnerable, little body. Wraps are the most common type of carrier used for newborns up until the kid is 18 months old.

Most parents find them most useful in their child’s first few months. Parents who opt for a wrap-type carrier like how it blankets them with their baby for the ultimate skin-to-skin contact.

When your baby is often close to your body, they are much calmer and are less likely to throw a tantrum. It is also most ideal during a mother’s “fourth trimester” when babies are at their clingiest.

There are a lot of baby wraps sold today. In order for you to choose the right wrap-type carrier suitable for your baby, we’ve listed below some of our favorites and weigh in on the things we like about them and what we don’t.

Baby K’tan Original Cotton Wrap

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Figuring out how to tie a baby wrap around your body can be a bit complicated. Good thing, there are carriers like the Baby K’tan that doesn’t require you to have wrapping skills in order to wear it properly and comfortably.

It’s a straightforward, slip-on baby wrap that can be worn instantly like a t-shirt. It is also constructed with 100 percent natural cotton which is soft in texture and is washable by a machine.

If you want an intuitive wrap that is structured to be worn as soon as you get it, the Baby K’tan wrap is the real deal. A downside, though, is that it doesn’t come in different sizes so it may not be a good fit for multiple users. It also stretches out a bit after several uses.


  • Comfortable for both moms and babies
  • User-friendly
  • Exceptional customer service


  • Can’t be used by multiple wearers.
  • Not breathable and can get hot

Moby Classic Baby Wrap Carrier


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The Moby wrap is your traditional baby wrap but with added functionalities for a comfortable babywearing experience. The Moby is made of soft and comfy cotton knit that you configure around your body to create a snug baby pouch.

Since you have to wrap it around your body, it can be formed to any body type so multiple caregivers will be able to wear it. We also like how you can position the baby in several different ways thus providing flexibility on your end.

However, since there is so much fabric to wrap around the body, it can drag to the dirty floor. It also tends to feel like a thick t-shirt that can get too hot and sweaty when worn, especially during summer.


  • Can fit multiple wearers
  • Light and compact
  • Machine-washable
  • Multiple carrying options


  • Long fabric can be a hassle to tie and keep away from the ground
  • Not suitable for parents with smaller frames
  • Can get hot

Boba Baby Wrap

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The Boba wrap is known for its smart engineering which creates the right amount of stretch for a perfect, custom fit. Just like the Moby wrap, the Boba wrap is a long piece of fabric that binds your baby to your torso.

It’s great for infants (8 pounds) and toddlers (35 pounds). It also facilitates discreet breastfeeding and is machine-washable. Because it has a little bit of elasticity, it provides the perfect fit to keep your baby snug and secure at all times.

Some drawbacks that we’ve observed is that it offers limited carrying positions and is only intended for front-face carry.


  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for parents on the petite side
  • Limited options for carrying positions

Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Wrap Carrier

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If you fell in love with all of the great features of the Baby K’tan Wrap but got turned off when you found out that it gets too hot when worn, then you’ll be glad to know about the Baby K’tan Breeze!

It is a version of the Baby K’tan carrier that is cooler and more breathable. To improve airflow, the K’tan breeze combined 100% jersey knit cotton and cotton-mesh on its fabric. Other than that and a bit heftier price tag, it pretty much has all of the same features as the K’tan original baby carrier.


  • Breathable
  • No wrapping skills required
  • Perfect for traveling


  • Pricier than the K’tan original
  • Limited sizes available

Our Winning Choice

The Baby K’tan Original wrap seems to be perfect if only it is more breathable and doesn’t get too hot. Which is why we’re happy about the release of the K’tan breeze as it provides added breathability and versatility to the already awesome K’tan original.

The price difference is only about $10 but you’ll get a better version of the K’tan original wrap that is hands-free, hassle-free, buckle-free and sweat-free. The Baby K’tan Breeze gives a lot of bang for your buck.

It is absolutely a better choice for a wrap-type carrier as it provides versatility, style, comfort, and a safe environment for your baby.