Being a working mom shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you’re supposed to.

Staying fit, for instance, often gets neglected due to so many responsibilities. 

With your plate overflowing with things you need to do, how will you find the time to get in those squats and push-ups?

Did you know that the recommended physical activity for an American adult should be at least 150 minutes per week? 

That’s only to achieve substantial health benefits. If you want to up your fitness game, 300 minutes should be your goal.

Don’t worry because the gym is not the only place where you can be fit. 

In fact, you can even do a fitness challenge at home! Here are a couple of reasons why you should:

  • You’ll have high energy levels which you need to keep up with your kids. Children seem to have an infinite source of energy which you have to match. Don’t let yourself get left behind.
  • You’ll be more effective in managing time. It wouldn’t take so much time to exercise but squeezing it in on your daily schedule sure is tough. But once you figured out how to do it, you’ll be more productive and will learn how to value time more.
  • It relieves stress. Focusing your mind on your routine diverts your mind from stressful things in life. It also gives you freedom and time away from your kids momentarily which is good. However, you can also use this as an opportunity to bond more with your kids if you exercise with them.
  • It will boost your confidence. Not only is getting fit good for your body but it will also make you feel good about yourself. Gone will be the days when you feel like you look so old for your age.
  • You’ll sleep better. When you became a mother, sleeping somehow became a privilege in the process. Exercising will help you get that good night sleep you’ve been deprived of. This is extremely helpful especially if you’re suffering from insomnia.

If you’re already sold on the idea that you will benefit a lot from being a fit mom, here’s ten fitness blogs that are definitely worth your time.


This website seems to have everything covered. To start, it’s got a searchable food database which grows every day. 

You can even create your own and add personal recipes that you can access any time as long as you have internet.

The site also has a database for exercises with a matching calculator that will let you know how many calories you have burned. 

Of course, MyFitnessPal wouldn’t be complete without the fitness blogs. Get ideas and inspiration as to how you can start being a fit mom.

The bonus? 

The website also offers a smartphone app that you can use to track physical activity and diet. 

If going to the gym is not an option for you, get motivated by this post – “How Much Do You Need to Walk to Live Longer?

Workout Mommy

Lisa Gulley is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and marathon runner — and she’s a single mom of four too. 

She’ll prove you wrong if you think that getting fit is impossible given her situation.

The site has a section that focuses on fitness items that you need to have if you want a home gym. 

Other than that, her blog posts such as 8 Ways to Overcome a Negative Mindset and 4 Tips to Starting a Fitness Routine are good reads.  


Mommies with eating disorders are sure to get inspiration from Kasey Arena-Brown as she had one herself. You’ll learn a lot from her story of change from a skinny girl to a fit and healthy woman.

Credentials-wise, she’s a personal trainer, an author, a FitFluential ambassador, and more. 

Her mission is to help empower the youth and help women love their bodies while finding inspiration through fitness and food.

Natalie Jill Fitness

“When you’re down, there’s nowhere to go but up.” 

This is precisely what Natalie Jill did after losing her house, her retirement, and her marriage. 

To make things worse, she gained a lot of weight in the process.

Getting back into shape proved to be tough, but she was able to turn her life around. 

If shedding a few pounds seem so hard a task, you can try her recipe to losing weight

Lots of mommies out there would be able to relate to her story and hopefully, be inspired to be fit and healthy.

Wellness Mama

Katie aka “The Wellness Mama,” has a very simple and straightforward goal. That’s to help families live a healthier and more natural life. 

Her website has tons of guides and tips on real food recipes, natural beauty, cleaning tutorials, natural remedies, and more.

Getting or staying in shape is pretty hard with all your responsibilities as a mom. 

Still, you have to find a way to get on top of things and avoid horrible reasons not to exercise.

Knocked-up Fitness

Knocked-up Fitness was founded by Erica Ziel, who’s a mother of three and is a personal trainer and expert for fitness-infused Pilates.

Pregnant moms would love this site because of expert pieces of advice on pre and post-natal fitness. 

One post talks about ways on how to prevent and relieve pregnancy back pain will surely be helpful. 

Another one talks about depression and anxiety during pregnancy — both are without a doubt, very common in pregnant women.

The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista is a healthy lifestyle blog with sections about fitness, postpartum fitness, and healthy recipes. 

The mind behind it all is Gina Harney, a mother of two, fitness instructor, personal trainer, and weight loss specialist.

Choose from different workout guides which are ideal for different places and scenarios. 

For instance, if you love going to the park, you can try the park bench strength and cardio workout

On the other hand, things that will help you achieve your fitness goals is a great way to get inspiration.

The Great Fitness Experiment

Want to try a different approach to getting fit? Look no further than The Great Fitness Experiment by Charlotte Hilton Andersen. 

All of her posts are super-informative. Not to mention fun. Getting to know Charlotte is already proof enough of how funny her personality is.

Kidding aside, you’ll learn a lot from her blog from fitness to even caring for a cat that almost died

The blog is kind of outdated though as the last post on it was in 2016. Hopefully, she gets active again and uploads new posts as soon as possible.

Melinda’s Fitness Blog

The hardest part about getting back into shape for a working mom is that it gets more difficult after having a baby. That’s exactly when Melinda’s blog came about.

The nice thing about her blog is that it’s simple. Even the website itself is not as fancy as other fitness blogs out there. 

Nonetheless, it’s got helpful information for all the working moms who want to get or stay healthy and fit. 

If you’re interested in making personal training a successful business, she has five expert secrets to share with you.

Love Sweat Fitness

More than just a fitness blog, Love Sweat Fitness is a community of women who want to be happy and healthy at the same time. 

Katie Dunlop, its creator, also has her LSF Youtube Channel that already has 9.5 million views and 220,000+ subscribers and counting.

Lacking the motivation to continue towards a healthy lifestyle is the major reason why people (not just mommies) fail. 

If you’re having this difficulty as well, her blog about tips to get and stay motivated is worth a read.


The fitness blogs mentioned above are just a few of the many resources that you can find online. 

Indeed, they’re all made by mommies, for mommies. So go out there, exercise, and eat healthily. 

If these women were able to do it and became successful, there’s no reason why you can’t.