A baby with a building block in his mouth
A baby with a building block in his mouth

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Charles’s name meaning and origin

Named after the Germanic phrase for “free man,” Charles originates from the Germanic word ceorl. There have already been many kings with the name Charles because of its popularity.

What is Charles short for?

What is the short form of Charles? Do you wonder? Well, in this section you are about to feed your curiosity.

Named from the Germanic word for “freeman,” Karl. The king’s original name was Charlemagne, but it was abbreviated to Charles over time. Charles is a name that may be shortened to Chad, Charlie, Chaz, Chip, or Chuck.

Bible meaning of the name Charles

Charles, from the origins in the Bible, means “free man.” Its overall meaning — as explained above — is also the Hebrew and biblical meaning of the name.

Italian version of Charles

Carlo is a given name for a boy born into an Italian family. It is the Italian version of the name Charles.

How to say Charles in French

In French, Charles can only be written as Charles. In case you were wondering, Charles is pronounced “shar-le” in French.

Variations of the name Charles

Here are some of the variations of the name Charles that will surely gave you an idea on how the said name was formed:

  1. Karl – is a Germanic name that literally means “man” or “free man.”
  2. Carlito – means “manly” in Spanish.
  3. Karel – is a male given name that means “free man” in Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Slovene, and Swedish.
  4. Carolus – from the Latin version of Charles, which means “champion,”
  5. Károly – is the Hungarian version of the English names Karl and Charles. Possible alternative form of the Hungarian totem animal name Karvaly (‘sparrowhawk’).

Cute nicknames for Charles

Looking for something cute to name your Baby Charles? No need to wander, just read this section:

  1. Charlie – a common nickname ” which is a cute and endearing name.
  2. Charley – this adorable and sophisticated moniker fits Charles well.
  3. Chuck – it is unclear why Charles was given the nickname “Chuck,” but it has been widely used.
  4. Cholly – is a Germanic name for a strong and kind male.
  5. Karly – is a German variant of Charles that means “free man.”
  6. Chabby – is a nickname for Charles that means “cute and chubby.”
  7. Chaps – a person who is always smiling and laughing is
  8. Charl – Suitable for a Charles who is strong and confident.
  9. Cale – a Hebrew-derived nickname that means “brave.”
  10. Char – is a French diminutive meaning “guide” or “support system” that has been widely used in English.
  11. Carl-E – the name suggests a guy who is strong and rugged.
  12. Chad – a shortened version of the Anglo-Saxon and Welsh Charles
  13. Chara – is a happy and upbeat form of Charles’s nickname.
  14. Chas – is a male short form of Charles.
  15. Chary – is a nickname for Charles who takes life too seriously.
  16. Charlil – is a slang term for a person who is physically stocky.
  17. Carlie – a name for someone who is kind and compassionate.
  18. Charles – with flair and style; a.k.a. “Chaz.”
  19. Chakson – is a cool name for a person who has a lot going on in their personality.
  20. Harl – is an ancient English form of Charles’s given name.
  21. Charlow – is a nickname given to someone who exudes positivity and charm.
  22. Charleson – the French origin used for a gentleman
  23. Lee – is an archaic English name indicating someone who is particularly kind and watchful.

Funny nicknames for Charles

Get a good chuckle out of life and let Charles be the primary source of your joy all day:

  1. Cha-Cha – is a lovely moniker for a jovial and carefree individual.
  2. Chazy Deep – a cool and trendy alternative to Charles’s given name,
  3. Chaa – a playful Chinese nickname for Charles, and a common name in the Western world.
  4. Char-licky – A nickname for a really kind guy called Charles.
  5. Arly – An endearing short form of Charles’ given name which describes him well.
  6. Chorly – an ancient English word meaning “free spirit,”. It is also a male-given name.
  7. Char-icky – this Charles with “icky” habits may be called Char-icky, which is a ridiculous moniker.
  8. Cal – is an easy short form of Charles.
  9. Charlie Doo-Doo – A cute kid called Charles got the moniker “Doo-Doo” because of his endearing personality.
  10. Chase – Intended for one who has an alluring and dramatic air.
  11. Charloman – is a perfect fit for a chill guy called Charles.
  12. Charlie Choker – a nickname for a naughty and sometimes grating person,
  13. Charly – is a simple moniker for a kind guy.
  14. Chazzy Doodle – referring to a Charles who is clumsy and uncomfortable, this nickname describes his personality well.
  15. Up-Chuck – is a humorous slur for a Charles who is constantly tipsy.
  16. Chu-chu – Chinese and Korean speakers have coined this endearing moniker for a cute guy.
  17. C-Man is an abbreviation for “Charlie Man,” which is the full name.
  18. Charlie Sheen – is a slang term for a person having a humorous personality.
  19. Charley– Smalley or Charles Shorty – is a funny alias for a short man.

Famous people named Charles

1. King Charles III – The United Kingdom and the other 15 Commonwealth countries are ruled by Charles III. He held the position of heir apparent longer than any other person.

King Charles III
King Charles III

Image Source: Reuters

2. Charles Michael Davis – is a multitalented American actor, model, director, and producer.

Charles Michael Davis
Charles Michael Davis

Image Source: Deadline

3. Charlie Puth – Puth, whose real name is Charles Otto Puth Jr., was born on December 2, 1991, and is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. His YouTube music videos were widely popular, which led to his early recognition.

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth

Image Source: Spotify

4. Charles Barkley – Born in the United States on February 20, 1963, Charles Wade Barkley is now an analyst on NBA TV. Chuck, Sir Charles, and the Round Mound of Rebound were some of his nicknames.

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

Image Source: NBA

5. Charles Melton – Charles Michael Melton is a famous American actor and model.

Charles Melton
Charles Melton

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Nickname for Charles: Common FAQs

Is Char a nickname Charles?

Considering that “Char” is both a short form and a common nickname for “Charles,” the answer is yes.

Is Chip a nickname for Charles?

Charles, Richard, and Christopher all have the moniker “Chip,” although it is most usually associated with the phrase “a chip off the old block,” which means a kid who is similar to his father.

Is Arlo short for Charles?

The Italian origin of the name Arlo is the name Charles, which means “a man” in English.

What does Charles mean in Bible?

Charles is a name with biblical roots, and its meaning is “free man.” The broad meaning of the name corresponds with its Hebrew and biblical meanings.

Is Charles a good name for a boy?

The name Charles denotes a serious and mature someone who is well ahead of his years. Simply put, if you give your son the name Charles, you’re telling the world that he’s a refined, classic choice. Absolutely one of the most popular names of the present day.

Does Charles mean warrior?

The name Charles derives from the Germanic words for “man” (karal), which means “free man” and (kerle), which means “warrior,” or “army” (heri)