nicknames for james overview

Selecting a nickname for James has to be cool, unique, and something that reflects the character of the person bearing this name. This list includes mostly cool nicknames for James that you can use as inspiration when selecting your own choice of name.

  • Gender: James has a history of being a boy’s name, but it has recently become more popular as a girl’s name as well
  • Origin: James is a Hebrew name that translates to “supplanter” in English.
  • Pronunciation: Jaymz
  • Personalities and characteristics: outspoken, upbeat, sociable, and inspiring
  • Variations: Jack, Jay, Jaime or Jamie, Jim or Jimmy/Jimy/Jimmi/Jimi/Jimmie, Jimbo

Nicknames for james Popularity

In 2021, 12367 births—or 0.665 percent of all male births—were given the name James.
2018 was the most prevalent year for the name James. In that year, there were 13613 births, or 0.701 percent of all male births in 2018.

Nicknames for james popularity Chart
Nicknames for james popularity Chart

Image Source: Popular Baby

Meaning and orgin of the name james

The name James is derived from Jacob, a name meaning “heel catcher” or “supplanter,” who was the twin brother of Esau. The name James was borne by the son of Zebedee and Salome, who became one of the twelve apostles in Jesus’ ministry.

James, along with his brother John, were known as “sons of thunder” for their fiery tempers (Mark 3:17). He was also called “Boanerges” (“sons of thunder”) because he and his brother were loud-voiced (Mark 3:17). James wrote the book of James (also known as “The Epistle of James”), which is part of the New Testament canon. He is referred to as “the apostle” in Mark 5:37 and Acts 12:2; 15:13; Galatians 1:19; 2 Corinthians 12:18; 1 Peter 5:13.

The name James has been used by many notable people throughout history, including kings, queens and presidents. Some notable bearers include Jamshid II (king of Persia), King James VI & I (king of England), Sir William Ramsay (chemist), President Jimmy Carter and comedian Jimmy Fallon.

Variations of name james

James is one of the most popular names in the world. It is a given name and a surname. Being a biblical name, James remains one of the most popular baby names in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Given James’ popularity and fame, it’s not surprising that there’s also a number of variations of the spelling. We’ll look at some of them as well as their origins.

Seamus – The Irish variant of the name James.
Diego – A Spanish variant of the name James.
Jacques – A French variant of the name James.
Jaume – This is the equivalent of James in Catalan.
Jacopo – An Italian variant of James
Jacum – A Friulian variant of the name James.
Jago – A Cornish variant of the name James.
Jakab – James in Hungarian.
Jaak – An Estonian variant of the name James.
Jaakko – A Finnish variant of the name James.
Jakes – A Basque variant of the name James.
Jakov – A Croatian variant of the name James.
Jakub – A Czech variant of the name James.
Japik – A Frisian variant of the name James.
Jekabs – A Latvian variant of the name James.

(Number) popular nicknames for james

What do people call James? They call him by many different nicknames. This is a list of every nickname for James you can find.

Nickname Meaning Origin
Jaime a Spanish equivalent of Jacob and James. Spanish
Jamesie Whoever replaces Hebrew
Jamie Whoever replaces Hebrew
Jamsey Whoever replaces Hebrew
Jayme Whoever replaces Spanish
Jem a different diminutive spelling of James. English
Jim a shortened version of James. Hebrew
Jimmie Whoever replaces Hebrew
Jimmy Whoever replaces Hebrew

100 cool nicknames for james

Great nicknames can be memorable, fun, and create a great viral publicity opportunity. Below are the top 100 nicknames for James.

  1. Jas
  2. Jazz
  3. Jay
  4. Jai
  5. Jae
  6. JayJay
  7. Jaim
  8. Jemmy
  9. Jaimi
  10. Jambo
  11. Jimi
  12. Jamso
  13. Jaymo
  14. Jim
  15. Jem
  16. Jims
  17. Jimbo
  18. Jimmie
  19. Jimbee
  20. Jay Man
  21. Jay Mo
  22. Jim Job
  23. Jim Bob
  24. Jase
  25. Jamison
  26. James Town
  27. Abu James
  28. Mar James
  29. Jamester Hamster
  30. Jamesta
  31. Jay Jee
  32. Jamesto
  33. Jim Static
  34. Bor Jmas
  35. Jerms
  36. Kat James
  37. James Inflames
  38. Jo Jay
  39. James Names
  40. Jayma
  41. Jamesser
  42. Hames
  43. Jimce
  44. Jammity
  45. Jace
  46. Jamison
  47. Jambolise
  48. Jmaie
  49. Jem
  50. Jamies
  51. Jim Jam
  52. Jamon
  53. Jambo
  54. Jimbo
  55. Jay
  56. Jimothan
  57. Jim Bob
  58. Jamesie
  59. Jaime
  60. Jimee James
  61. Jacques
  62. Gemma
  63. Juan
  64. Shane
  65. Jon
  66. Jonnie
  67. Shawn
  68. Jake
  69. Jan
  70. Johan
  71. Giacomo
  72. Jamie
  73. Jass
  74. Jmess
  75. JBay
  76. Jayd
  77. Jaibee
  78. Jai But
  79. James Tan
  80. James Ban*
  81. Jamie the Jamer
  82. J Lai
  83. James A**
  84. J Lee
  85. James Diger
  86. Jim Stealer
  87. Jimky Monkey
  88. Jimbo Bambo
  89. Jim
  90. Baby James
  91. Jake
  92. Diego
  93. Mima
  94. Jay
  95. Sean
  96. Jay Baby
  97. Van
  98. Mr. Cupid
  99. Johnny
  100. Shane

70 cute nicknames for james

No matter what kind of nickname you would like for James, or if it’s one that you would like to be called by others, there is no doubt that finding a nickname for James will be easy and fun. Below are cute nicknames for James.

  1. Ames
  2. Jam
  3. Aymes
  4. Jame
  5. Big J
  6. Jameith
  7. Big
  8. Jim
  9. Jameson
  10. Big
  11. Jimmy
  12. Jamesy
  13. Gemma
  14. Jamey
  15. Giacomina
  16. Jamie
  17. Giacomo
  18. Jamies
  19. Jade
  20. Jaume
  21. Jae
  22. Jaumet
  23. Jago
  24. Jemmy
  25. Jaim
  26. Jemo
  27. Jaime
  28. Johan
  29. Jaimo
  30. Jon
  31. Jakab
  32. Shane
  33. Jakov
  34. Shawn
  35. Jakub
  36. Shay
  37. Jambolise
  38. Jay-Jay
  39. James Bo
  40. Jay-Mo
  41. James Bond 007
  42. Jayd
  43. James Boy
  44. Jaylee
  45. James Go
  46. Jimi
  47. James Jazzster
  48. Jimie
  49. Jamesetta
  50. Jimmer
  51. Jamesie
  52. Jimmie
  53. Jamesina
  54. Jimmney cricket
  55. Jamo
  56. Jimmy
  57. Jamon
  58. Jimmy-Boy
  59. Jams
  60. JJ
  61. Jamsie
  62. Jmaie
  63. Jamster
  64. Hamster
  65. Jmess
  66. Jay
  67. Jmess Bond
  68. Jay Jay
  69. Little James
  70. Jay Man

(Number) funny nicknames for james

Struggling to find that perfect nickname for your James? Well, look no further because I’ve got a list of nicknames for James’s that’ll make you laugh.

  1. Agent Bond
  2. Jayma
  3. Bond
  4. Jesse James
  5. Diego
  6. Jim Bo
  7. Jam-Zee
  8. Jim Bob
  9. Jambalaya
  10. Jimothan
  11. Jambo Jimps
  12. Jamboree
  13. Jims
  14. Jamilla
  15. Jimtastic
  16. Jammy
  17. Bond
  18. OO7
  19. Jammy
  20. Boy
  21. Shimmer Jimmer
  22. Jaques
  23. Yago
  24. Jas

(Number) Famous Celebrities With the Name James

  1. James Arthur (English singer and songwriter)
  2. James Bond (Fictional, character from James Bond films and books)
  3. James Cameron (American director)
  4. James Cook (British adventurer and navigator)
  5. James Dean (American actor)
  6. James Franco (American actor)
  7. James Garner (American actor, producer, and voice artist)
  8. James Harden (American professional baseball player)
  9. James I (King of Aragon, sometimes known as “Jaime the Conqueror” (1208–1276))
  10. James II (King of Aragon, also referred to as “Jaime the Just” (1267–1327))
  11. James Ingram Merrill (American poet)
  12. James John Grant (World War 1 Flying Ace)
  13. James Lannister (a fictional “Game of Thrones” character)
  14. James McAvoy (Scottish actor)
  15. James McCoy (fictitious; original “Star Trek” character)
  16. James Potter (fictional, character from Harry Potter series)
  17. James Rodríguez (Colombian professional footballer)
  18. James (Biblical, the brother of Jesus) (Biblical, the brother of Jesus)

nicknames for james:common FAQs

is jim a nickname for james?

Jim is a nickname for James. It’s an informal form of the name and it’s usually used in informal settings, such as among friends and family members.

is john a nickname for james?

John is one of the most popular English names and it’s been in use since the 12th century. It’s a diminutive form of John, which comes from the Hebrew name Johanan or Yohanan meaning “Jehovah has favoured me.”