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An image of a baby staring

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Devin name meaning overview

The name Devin comes from the Irish surname “damán allaid,” which literally translates to “fawn.” The name Devin has been used in a number of languages, including Latin, Medieval French, and Old English.

Devin name gender

Devin is a popular name for both men and women in the English language.

Devin pronunciation

The pronunciation is just simply the way you read it, “De-vin”

Devin name meaning

devin name meaning hebrew

The Hebrew word Devin may mean “beloved,” “dear fawn,” or “loving poet.” Davin is an unusual combination of two trendy male names, David and Devin.

devin name meaning in hindi

Devin is a Hindu and Hindi-derived boy’s name. Devin, whose meanings include “Resembling a God” and “Poet,” is a name that stands out for its heavenly associations.

Devin name meaning in Tamil

The name Devin means “Of a Little Deer, Poet” in Tamil.

Spiritual meaning of devin

The spirituality, selflessness, compassion, acceptance, humanity, and awareness associated with the number 9 in numerology all describe Devin.

What does devin mean in spanish

When translated literally from Spanish, the name Devin means seer and prophet

Devin name popularity: How rare is the name devin

On the list of most often used names for both genders, Devin ranked at #389 for boys and #2201 for girls. There were 825 males born in 2021 and just 84 girls with the name Devin.

Variations of the name devin

  1. Devin in Germany – You may call a boy in Germany Devin. “Of a Little Deer, Poet” is the meaning
  2. Devin in Spain – a name borrowed from Spanish, signifies “seer and prophet”
  3. Devin in France – Because of its original French connotation of “divine” or “godlike,” the name Devin was often employed in medieval France to refer to the most divine of rulers.
  4. Devin in Turkey – means “movement” in Turkish.

100+ middle names for Devin

  1. Alexis – The term “The Defender,” meaning “The Defender of Mankind” or “The Defender,” comes from Old Greek.
  2. Chandler – The name Chandler means “Maker of Candles, Candle-maker,” or “Candle Maker Candle Seller” in English, where it has been used since the Middle Ages.
  3. Constantine – comes from the Latin constare, which means “to withstand” or “to be constant” in English.
  4. Blythe – derived from the English language which carries the meaning “Free Spirit” or “Cheerful.”
  5. Jace – named after the Greek god of healing, its origins may be traced back to the ancient language of Ancient Greece.
  6. Owen – Scandinavian languages make heavy use of the name Owen, which has its origins in German and Old Greek and means “born of yew” (or “rich”) or “friend” (or “altruistic”).
  7. Garett – the name with a strong association to the spear.
  8. Everett – which literally translates as “brave as a wild boar,”
  9. Lucas – named after the country of Lucania
  10. Oliver – originating with the olive tree which also means “brave.”
  11. Roshon – has its roots in both English and American English, although it is more often employed in the latter.
  12. Markie – is a Latin name that meaning “God of War Mars Ordained, War-like, and From the God Mars” and has made its way into English.
  13. Ragasutra – which means “Radha or Lover of Krishna” in Hindi
  14. Likha – primarily a Hindi word, meaning “Written”
  15. Blair – means plain dweller
  16. Celeste – from the Latin for “star,” that imply “heavenly.”
  17. Helena – light-bringing
  18. Esme – means “beloved” in Icelandic

100+ nicknames for Devin

  1. Dave – It’s an Old English term that meaning “beloved” in modern English.
  2. Daver-Daver -stands for “agile, enthusiastic, and adaptable.”
  3. Debbie – named after the female bee, Debbie is a common given name.
  4. Deo – is a common male given name with the meaning “deity.”
  5. Dev-dev – the meaning of the name in Hindi is “God.”
  6. Devan – is an Irish name that may be used by either sexes; it means “poet.”
  7. Devi – the name of the supreme goddess, Sakthi, is Devi.
  8. Deviin – the name comes from the Sanskrit devi, and it signifies “helper,” “adaptable,” and “strong.”
  9. Deviny – an Irish and Gaelic name, meaning “bard” and “poet.”
  10. Devine – is an English name with the religious connotation of divinity.

Cute Nicknames

  1. Devvy Wevvy-Wevvy – connotes solemnity, knowledge, earnestness, and wisdom.
  2. Demon – are often a symbol of enlightenment and the mystical.
  3. Devin Eleven – “Devin” is gender-neutral and “Eleven” is a number.
  4. Devina – is “beloved; divine, heavenly.”
  5. Devinator – someone who does or claims to practice divination
  6. Devinity – originality, focus, and individuality
  7. Devinny – A wonderful surname history chart illustrating the significance of the name Devinny.
  8. Devino – the Italian patronymic which means son or apprentice (De Vino).
  9. Devins – for those who don’t know, Bianca Devins is a famous person whose last name is Devins.
  10. Devinski – is known for their creativity, curiosity, friendliness, and positive attitude.
  11. Devmo – is an abbreviation that stands for “dedicated, vivacious, agile, and nonconformist.”
  12. Devo – The name evokes the qualities of dependability, restraint, and drive.
  13. Devour – is a public display of fervent religious devotion.
  14. Vedina – represents devotion, originality, and self-reliance.
  15. Devster – is a metaphor for originality, interest, charisma, friendliness, good spirits, and sociability.
  16. D-Rock – if you go by the moniker D-Rock, you must be really smart.
  17. Daddy Devin – is a symbol of fate, good fortune, and the divine.
  18. Dakota – the Native American Indian word for “Dakota” also means “friend” or “ally.”
  19. Devalicious – is a play on the word “delicious,” which is pronounced “devalioso.”
  20. Devan – is an Irish name that may be used by either sexes; it means “poet.”
  21. Devi – boy he Hindu word for “Lord, and was often used for males.

Funny Nicknames

  1. Delvin-Devlin – the Irish and Gaelic origin of this name gives it the meaning of “fierce bravery.”
  2. Divineyard – suggests that God is all-powerful.
  3. Devon – the Old English term Devon means “deep waters” and is an indicator of this.
  4. Devvy dev- Devvy – is an expression for the highest and most magnificent creature.
  5. Dev -is short for “God.”
  6. Devy – is a Gaelic name for males that meaning “servant.”
  7. Dez – designates something as awesome.
  8. Deztini-, is the name of the deity responsible for our destinies.
  9. Dezzie – means God-sent
  10. Dezzy – means foolish or naive.
  11. DeVinci – A Play on DaVinci’s Name.
  12. Dine fresh – may mean eating anything, not only anything prepared recently.
  13. Dinucci – A person named Dinucci is thought to be idealistic and insightful.
  14. Diol – alcohol with two molecules
  15. Dir – his Latin word means “wonderful” or “divine.”
  16. Disturbed Repertoire – means Unsettling Musical Selections
  17. D-Rock – is a cool moniker that may be used in the context of singing, dancing, and acting.
  18. Doar – means “to give” or “to donate” in Romanian.
  19. Dobby – One who is very chubby.
  20. Dolly – is short for “doll,”

Unique Nicknames

  1. Dorfie – Motivating and powerful in expression.
  2. Doritio – is a Spanish name that means “small golden object” in English.
  3. Dorito – has a numerological meaning of “pleasant, confident.”
  4. Doron – Inhabitant
  5. Dorothea – a Name Appropriately Given by the Almighty.
  6. Dorsica-Dorsica – acts in a calm, courteous, and responsible way.
  7. Dorthymarie – A matter of self-adjustment.
  8. Drew-Move – by being forced to go somewhere.
  9. Drock– A reference to water.
  10. Du – Big monkey
  11. Hiper Op – one who has the potential to attain enlightenment on a spiritual level.
  12. Lovely and Gentleman – the guy who is attractive and courteous, honest and chivalrous
  13. Muffie– means independent and responsible.
  14. Selin – for those of Turkish descent, this is a name that connotes “powerful flowering water.”
  15. Devyn – deer fawn
  16. Vien – this Vietnamese name means “complete” or “satisfied.”
  17. Vin – conquering is what the English word Vin signifies.