Lovely baby on a plush carpet in front of Christmas tree.
Lovely baby on a plush carpet in front of Christmas tree.

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Emily. If you want a name that sounds prominent, timeless, and will never go out of style, this could be the one. A renowned family’s influence likely contributed to the name’s enduring fame. Still, its prominence as one of the world’s most well-known brands is unmatched at the present time.

Nicknames for Emily Overview

    • Gender: Commonly given to females and its masculine names are Emil and Emilio
    • Pronunciation: Em-i-lee
    • How to spell: Its spelling depends on its variations.
  • Personalities and characteristics:  Named after the Latin verb ‘aemulari’, which means “to imitate,” Emily has had a steady rise in popularity over the years. She never shies away from a challenge and is always prepared to pitch in and help. Her meaning, “industrious,” reveals that she is an artist, a saint, and a hard worker at heart.

Meaning of Emily

The prominent Roman family surname Aemilius served as the inspiration for the name Emily. Both the Latin word aemulus, meaning “rival,” and the Greek word aimylos, meaning “shrewd” or “persuasive,” have been proposed as possible origins for the name.

Emily’s Popularity 

a bar graph showing how popular Emily's name is yearly
a bar graph showing how popular Emily’s name is yearly

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This graph from the US Social Security Administration shows that the number of people given the name Emily increased steadily between the years 2000 and 2007. It stayed in the top 25 all the way up to the present day, showing no signs of slowing in terms of popularity.

Variations of Name Emily

Emily has been a prominent name and has been used for decades in different languages worldwide including Romanian, Italian, German,Russian, and Spanish. Other variations of this name are as follows:

  1. Emiliya (Bulgarian)
  2. Eemeli (Finnish)
  3. Émilie (French)
  4. Emili (Hungarian)
  5. Emilía (Icelandic)
  6. Emīlija (Latvian)
  7. Emilis (Lithuanian)
  8. Emília (Portuguese)
  9. Emelie (Swedish)
  10. Emlyn (Welsh)

12 Short Nicknames for Emily

Some people will always find a way to make your name shorter, no regardless of how short it already is. A shorter form of the name, especially if the longer form is very common, is a great way to stand out in a crowd.

  1. E
  2. Em
  3. Ems
  4. Mils
  5. Emy
  6. El
  7. Esme
  8. El
  9. Mil
  10. Mily
  11. Mia
  12. Mel

12 Good Nicknames for Emily

Every person is given a nickname, and so is Emily. Each nickname comes with a meaning too. The following are some of the good nicknames you can give or suggest for Emily.

Infant smiling and sitting on a white bed
Infant smiling and sitting on a white bed

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  1. Emma – aspires to be successful 
  2. Emmy – referring to the Oscar Award
  3. Emz – short nickname for Emily
  4. Meli – sweet 
  5. Melia – a variation of Milly
  6. Emalia – modest
  7. Milly – Emily without the “E”
  8. Emilia – cheerful and adorable 
  9. Lee – hardworking
  10. Mel – artistic
  11. Mills – short form of Emily
  12. Eme – spontaneous

12 Middle Names for Emily

Having a middle name or 2nd name adds elegance and uniqueness to a name. Sometimes, you can also come up with the first two letters as the nickname. Here are our suggestions for Emily.

  1. Emily Beatrice – brings joy
  2. Emily Amber – jewel; the sky
  3. Emily Jasmine – God’s gift
  4. Emily Arabella – prayerful (Latin); beautiful (English)
  5. Emily Hope – faith; desire of fulfillment
  6. Emily Florence – flourishing, blossoming
  7. Emily Grace – goodness, generosity, and charm
  8. Emily Harper – harp player; angelic qualities
  9. Emily Darcie – dark; dark-haired
  10. Emily Zara – radiance
  11. Emily Violet – beauty and grace
  12. Emily Summer – English word ‘sumor’ meaning warm season

12 Cute Nicknames for Emily

Giving a cute nickname for a baby or any one named Emily is a great way to show fondness and love. You can try these nicknames.

  1. Smiley – frequently smiles
  2. Lovely Emily – gorgeous
  3. Emmy Belle – quite reserved
  4. Emzy –  shy
  5. Emmi Bear – sweet and cute 
  6. Miley –  like ‘Miley Cyrus’
  7. Emi Love – adorable 
  8. Lily – very caring 
  9. Michi – ideal 
  10. Lee Lee – strong individual 
  11. Emem – makes you happy
  12. Emzie – you care the most about

12 Funny Nicknames for the Name Emily

A baby smiling on the bed 
A baby smiling on the bed 

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We gathered nicknames for funny Emily that you can use for your baby or suggest to anyone who got a child named Emily. 

  1. Emo –  punk 
  2. Meme – very amusing 
  3. Emlo –  nice 
  4. Milu –  loves Math
  5. Emster – a jester
  6. Emigrant –  it rhymes
  7. Memily – Emily with an M
  8. Emillionaire – rich 
  9. Emtrooper –  from the movie Star Wars
  10. Emmibullicion – loves farming
  11. Lulu – outstanding 
  12. Emi Fuzzy Bear – reminds you of a teddy bear

12 Unique Nicknames for Emily

Who wouldn’t want to be unique? Most parents choose to be creative in giving nicknames to their kids that will make them stand out. Here are some of the unique ones for Emily.

  1. Miamore – my love
  2. Lee – meadow or clearing
  3. Miel – honey
  4. Michiquita – my little girl
  5. Emm – the whole or universe
  6. Emalia – universal and weary
  7. Ily – ‘i love you’
  8. Emzie – independent and patient
  9. Emz – charming
  10. Emmy Belle – universal and beautiful
  11. Mimi – wonderful; loveliness
  12. Lee Lee – strong individual 


12 Alternative Names for Emily

Emily is a well-established favorite among parents naming their daughters, even if it is becoming somewhat of a cliché. In order to stand out, consider these alternate options.

  1. Aimee – beloved
  2. Emery – industrious
  3. Berry – small fruit/ sweet
  4. Elodie – foreign riches
  5. Everly – boar; meadow; clearing
  6. Ivory – pale white
  7. Mia – beloved
  8. Verity – truth
  9. Melody – music
  10. Rosemary – dew of the sea
  11. Cecily – heaven
  12. Amelie – industrious

Nicknames for Emily: Common FAQs

baby girl beside a cat on a hammock
baby girl beside a cat on a hammock

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Is Emily a rare name?

Given that the name Emily is very much famous up to the present times, it is not rare but a common name. Nevertheless, it’s still a popular choice among expecting parents.

What names go with Emily?

Emily goes well with a wide range of names, from flower names, short names or longer names and also unique names. After all, it is the parents’ personal preference and where they based it is their choice.

Can Emma be a nickname for Emily?

Yes, without a doubt. Everyone has the freedom to choose in today’s society in practically any situation. Whatever your heart desires, as long as it doesn’t sound foul, is an acceptable nickname you can give to Emily.