Image displaying the name Niko and its meaning
Image displaying the name Niko and its meaning

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Is Niko a Good Name?

Niko is an adorable and exciting name. It sounds exotic, attractive, and appealing, and at the same time, easy to pronounce. Though an excellent nickname for Nicholas, it can be a stand-alone, either.

Niko Name Overview

Image of a newborn baby
Image of a newborn baby

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Niko is a Slavic and Finnish variation of Nicholas, a diminutive of Nikolaos, Greek which means “victory of the people.” It is a gender-neutral name and perfect for boys and girls. If you want to name your baby Niko, you’re on the right article. We’ll be considering the meaning and origin of the name as well as its pronunciation, spelling, and excellent middle names that best fit it.

Niko Name Pronunciation

Niko’s phonetic spelling is “n ee – k – oh,” and the name’s pronunciation is Knee-Koe. It can also be pronounced as “ Nee-Koh.”

Niko Name Origin

Image of a little cute baby boy
Image of a little cute baby boy

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Niko is a short form for Nicholas, originating from Slavic and Finnish. The name came into regular usage in the Middle Age, owing to the popularity of St. Nicholas and the many exploits he rotted back in the 3rd and 4th Centuries.

Today, it’s become the favorite of many Christian cultures worldwide. Though it remains a popular name among English speakers, it has variations in several other languages and diminutives such as Nico, Klaas, Claus, Niko, Nils, etc. However, the majority of uses of the name Niko are boys, and it’s now been used and accepted as a girl name, which makes the name unisex and generally given to both genders.

Niko Name Meaning

Image of a boy and girl child
Image of a boy and girl child

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The gender-neutral name, Niko, is primarily of Slavic origin, meaning “Victory of the people.” The Greek spelling of the name is “Nikolaos,” which is derived from two words – “Nike,” meaning victory, and “Laos,” meaning people. So, Nicholas also means “Victory of the people.”

The name Nico, also a diminutive of Nicholas, originates from Italy and means “Victory of the people.” The name has been on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Index since 1998 and has grown over the years to rank higher. The name ranks at number 317 as of 2020.

Niko Meaning in Arabic

The meaning of the Niko in Arabic isn’t far-fetched from its original meaning, which means “victorious.”

Niko’s Name Meaning Hawaiian

The meaning of Niko in Hawaiian is the same as the original meaning, “Victory of the people.”
Niko Name Meaning Japanese
The name Niko originating from Japanese is a baby boy name, which means daylight surname.

Nico’s Name Meaning Italian

Nico is a diminutive and shortened form of the Greek name Nicholas. Nico has power through tradition and is translated as “Victory of the people.” Some Italians also create the name to be a nickname for Nicodemus and Niccolo.

Niko Name Meaning Urban Dictionary

From the Urban Dictionary, Niko is a French adjective that qualifies someone close to perfection. Life application talks about semi-god or very handsome men and very modest people.

Niko Name Popularity

Image: Image displaying the popularity of the name Niko for different years
Image: Image displaying the popularity of the name Niko for different years

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The above data interpret the popularity of the name Niko for a baby boy represented by the bar. The longer the bar, the more popular the name Niko for a particular year, and vice versa. In 2021, the number of births (boy child) with the name Niko was 1158, representing 0.062% of the total male births for that year.

This year 2021, is also the year when the name Niko is most popular. In addition, since the term is also feminine, it does not appear in the top 1000 for any year of birth starting in 2000.

100 + Middle Names for Niko

Giving your baby Niko a middle name can be a fantastic substitute for a nickname in the future at home and among close pals. And since Niko is a gender-neutral name, we’ve helped sort out some middles that go well with it and are perfect for both genders. Check them below, we do hope you’ll love them.

50 Niko Boys Middle Name

Image of a little boy
Image of a little boy

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We’ve helped save some of your time by preparing fantastic ideas comprising possible middle names for Nico. The list is breathtaking, and we trust you’ll appreciate them.

  • Niko Khari
  • Niko Grey
  • Niko Otto
  • Niko Rowan
  • Niko Alexander
  • Niko Jordan
  • Niko Tristan
  • Niko Chris
  • Niko Edison
  • Niko Ford
  • Niko Lawrence
  • Niko Romeo
  • Niko Clark
  • Niko Abraham
  • Niko Chase
  • Niko Maison
  • Niko Emmett
  • Niko Alder
  • Niko Huck
  • Niko Clark
  • Niko Ashton
  • Niko Soren
  • Niko Charles
  • Niko Kason
  • Niko Bruce
  • Niko Ivan
  • Niko David
  • Niko Cyrus
  • Niko Santino
  • Niko Ethan
  • Niko Francis
  • Niko Nathaniel
  • Niko Blake
  • Niko Evander
  • Niko Zane
  • Niko Theodore
  • Niko Dominic
  • Niko Darius
  • Niko Salem
  • Niko Orion
  • Niko Junior
  • Niko London
  • Niko Clayton
  • Niko Dalton
  • Niko Wilson
  • Niko Rhett
  • Niko Maurice
  • Niko George
  • Niko Jesse
  • Niko Finn

50 Niko Girl Middle Name

Image of a girl child
Image of a girl child

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As we stated earlier, Niko is a unisex name, which also fits perfectly for a girl child. That’s why we’re bringing you middle names that go well it Niko and are fantastic for your princess.

  • Niko Margaret
  • Niko Skye
  • Niko Piper
  • Niko Daisy
  • Niko Freya
  • Niko Brinley
  • Niko Reese
  • Niko Gracie
  • Niko Raelynn
  • Niko Fiona
  • Niko Anya
  • Niko Rosalie
  • Niko Pearl
  • Niko Greta
  • Niko Emilia
  • Niko Nadia
  • Niko Olive
  • Niko Irene
  • Niko Opal
  • Niko Lucia
  • Niko Phoebe
  • Niko Cleo
  • Niko Maren
  • Niko Odette
  • Niko Pia
  • Niko Lana
  • Niko Willa
  • Niko Alix
  • Niko Daphne
  • Niko Mina
  • Niko Pippa
  • Niko Juno
  • Niko Romy
  • Niko Ingrid
  • Niko Lina
  • Niko Sasha
  • Niko Ella
  • Niko Lila
  • Niko Elena
  • Niko Mercy
  • Niko Naomi
  • Niko Margot
  • Niko Eska
  • Niko Suki
  • Niko Alma
  • Niko Rosa
  • Niko Frida
  • Niko Honor
  • Niko Hazel
  • Niko Faye