A baby wearing a violet knitted outfit
A baby wearing a violet knitted outfit

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the name alaina overview

Alaina has a large family. The Hawaiian and Old German Alana are also linked to this name, as is the Greek Elaine.

Alaina name pronunciation

The English pronunciation of the name Alaina may vary between “aa-LEYN-aa” and “uh-LAYN-uh”.

alaina name meaning

Named after the Greek word which means “precious,” it also is pronounced “a-LANE-a.”

alaina name meaning in Quran

The Islamic name Alaina has the sentimental connotations of a cherished little girl

biblical meaning of Alaina

The Hebrew meaning of the name Hannah is “God has been gracious: or God has shown favor,” which is shared by the related name Alaina.

Alaina name meaning hebrew

The Hebrew name for a girl is Alaina. The name’s meaning, “Attractive,” is what makes Alaina such a desirable choice. Alaina is a cooperative, flexible, and good spouse since her life path number is 2.

Alaina name meaning in hindi

The Hindu faith and the language of its origin, Hindi, made the name Alaina a popular choice for a girl’s first name. The name Alaina means both “dear kid” and “rock.”

Alaina name meaning sanskrit

Alaina is a feminine Sanskrit name that refers to “Dear Child.”

alaina name origin

The Hawaiian Alana and Old German Alaine as well as the Greek Elaine are all linked to this name for girls. In French, it is the equivalent of the male given name Alain, but spelled with a feminine n. (or Alan in English).

Variants of the name alaina

  1. Alaana (French and Irish) – As a name for Ireland, Ailana or Ailin might come from the Gaelic term for “little rock” or the ancient French word for “handsome.”
  2. Alaina (English) – Alaina, which is an English form of the name Alain, means “Fair one, Rock”
  3. Alaina (Greece and Hawaii) – Since “Elaine” is a popular name in those regions and meaning “precious,” it was from that root that “Alaina” was created.”precious”
  4. Alaina (Arabia) – The name Alaina is of Arabic and Muslim origin, and it means “Valuable, Precious, Dear Child” in both languages.

Alaina name popularity

As a baby girl’s name, Alaina ranked at number 200. There were 1,490 little girls in 2021 named Alaina. By 2021, Alaina will be the name of one in every 1,194 newborn females.

Middle names for Alaina

  1. Grace – entails endearing qualities like kindness and giving.
  2. Margaret – simply means pearl
  3. Kelly – is a nickname for “clear thinker”
  4. Nicole – means “people’s triumph”
  5. Lynn – a short meaning for lake
  6. Mae and May – are both names that refer to the hawthorn blossom.
  7. Katherine and Catherine – are both names that connote innocence.
  8. Gayle – means “joy”
  9. Aubrey – In honor of the mythical figure Alberich, from whence the Old High German title is derived, this name means “elf king.”
  10. Avery – is a name with elven ruler connotations in both English and French.
  11. Beatrix – from the Latin viatrix (meaning “traveler”) and beatus (meaning “blessed”)
  12. Beth – in Hebrew, the feminine form of this name means “house.”
  13. Bianca – This Italian originated name means white or innocent
  14. Blake – is of British origin and may be used by either sexes. It can signify “black,” “dark,” “bright,” “shining,” or “pale.”
  15. Chelsea – the British name is unisex, and it means “chalk landing site.”
  16. Clarice -named from the Latin word for “bright” or “clear,” clarus, the French name is also associated with the word “renowned.”
  17. Cora – the Greek name “Kore,” from which “Cora” is derived, was Latinized into the Spanish form “Cora.” which has the d efinition of a young woman, a daughter.
  18. Darcie – “Dark, dark-haired” is implied by the feminine form of Darcy.
  19. Debora – is a feminine form of the Hebrew name Deborah, and it means “bee.”
  20. Delilah – is a Hebrew and Arabic name that meaning “delicate” in both languages.
  21. Gabriella – The Hebrew origin of this name gives her a dual meaning: “God is my strength” and “abyss.”
  22. Harmony – Taking its cue from the world of music, the word signifies “unity” or “concord.”

Nicknames for Alaina

  1. Aline – the Celtic feminine given name means “fair” or “good-looking” in translation from the original Gaelic.
  2. Alma – meaning “nourishing,” “gentle,” and “soul,” It has origins in Latin, Hebrew, Italian, the Filipino, and Arabic.
  3. Aolani – means “heavenly cloud” in Hawaiian.
  4. Aylin – it’s a beautiful name. The Turkish name Aylin means “of the moon” and is given to females.
  5. Aliana – the name comes from the Arabic word Ali, which meaning “noble,” “sublime,” “exalted,” “lofty,” and “exalted.” It comes from Latin and Italian.
  6. Alyana – The Lord has responded; one who is noble, kind, and may be highly selfless; these are the qualities associated with the Germanic name Alyana.
  7. Alianna – meaning “Noble and Gracious,” this is a popular Latin name for girls.
  8. Aliena – a girl’s name with Latin roots, which means “stranger” in Spanish.
  9. Allana – is a feminine form of Alan, meaning “precious, lovely, loved kid, and little rock.”
  10. Ailana – is a Finnish name for girls that means “moonlight.”
  11. Aalin – a girl’s name which means “serene, lovely, peaceful, symmetrical, fair, and ethereal
  12. Alaine – originates from the Irish word lainn, which means “beautiful.” This name would be perfect for the new loveliness in your life.
  13. Aliona – is a feminine name that means “bright dazzling brightness.”
  14. Aloma – is a rare female given name that means “life is a gift” or “dove”
  15. Aylen – originally from the Mapuche language of South America, the name Ayle means “happy” or “clear.”
  16. Aelin – the feminine given name has Turkish and English origins, and may mean “moon,” “bright,” or “desired.”
  17. Ailani – usually means “chief”
  18. Alain – means harmony, stone, or nobility. also fair and handsome Originally given to a saint
  19. Alan – he male given name has the connotations of being attractive, happy, or valuable.
  20. Allan – a boy’s name with several roots. Named after the Irish adjectives for “beautiful” and “joyful,”
  21. Allen – is a name with several meanings, including “small rock,” “harmony,” “excellent,” and “handsome.”
  22. Alwin – similar to Alvin, the name has mystical connotations.
  23. Alyn – Little Rock is the inspiration for this American female given name
  24. Aelwyn – from the Welsh, meaning “fair browed,” .
  25. Ayleen – the lovely feminine name has the meaning of “moon halo.”
  26. Alanah – a possible origin for the name Alanah is the Hebrew word for “infant”.

Names like Alaina

  1. Aalona – The Hawaiian name means “High Mountain.”
  2. Ailean – is a Scottish form of the name Aidan that meaning “Handsome.”
  3. Ailean – is a Scottish girl’s name that means Whelp
  4. Aileana – the Scottish name means “Light Bearer.”
  5. Aileen – the English name translates to “Little Eve.” while it Aileen or a girl, the name that has the meaning of “Light Bearer” in Scottish.
  6. Ailein – is an Irish baby name that meaning “lion.” Originating in the verdant grassland.
  7. Ailen – “Clear” is the meaning of this Native American girl’s name
  8. Alain – a popular given name and has a French meaning for “handsome”
  9. Aloin – the French name has the noble buddy connotation.
  10. Alon – has its origins in English, where it has the meaning “Oak tree.”
  11. Alona – light or oak tree is what this feminine Hebrew and Spanish name means
  12. Alina – came from Slovak and Czech that means “to soothe”
  13. Alena – has the same meaning in both English and Hindi, which is “Torch.”
  14. Alaine – this Indian given name means “Pretty” or “Attractive.”
  15. Alina – meaning “noble” and “truthful,” this is a popular Polish name for females.