The Hebrew words din (which means “judgment”) and el (which means “god”) are the original sources of the name Daniel (God). It is mostly associated with the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament. Traditionally, the male version of the name Daniel is Daniel. Danielle, Daniella, and Daniela are popular feminine forms of Daniel.

Nicknames for daniella

The female version of Daniel never goes out of style, so take a look at these nicknames:

  1. Dani – Cute and cozy are the obvious abbreviations.
  2. Daniela – the second most common feminine form of Daniel. The open ‘la’ sound adds warmth, and the name itself is timeless.
  3. Dann – is another another straightforward abbreviation that retains the coolness of the original while being gender-neutral.
  4. Dans – Another kind of the ever-popular Dan, with an extra dose of hipness that makes it perfect for a close buddy.
  5. Den – is short, but kind, and he’s quite friendly and has a chill demeanor. Excellent for both a child and a companion.
  6. Elle – Bringing the French flair and a refined air to the table.
  7. Dee – may be used as a friend’s name, an aunt’s name, or a professional’s name; it’s that adaptable.

If you peek, you’ll learn all the best ways to address Daniel.

Dan – is a common short form of Daniel.
Danny – is only one of several wildly popular short forms of this endearing name.
Dane – whether or not you have any ties to Denmark, this name is a perfect fit for Daniel.
Neel – is a Latin name meaning “champion,” and it’s a show-stopper.
Nelly – is such a sweet name for Daniel to be called that it instantly makes him feel more at ease.
Duke – call him this, if your heart belongs to Daniel
Dazz – is a cool moniker for Daniel since he always has a positive outlook on life.
Dano – Putting a “O” at the end of a name, like “Dano,” may really pump it up.

Daniele – is a male given name in Hebrew. A French variant of the English name Danielle, Danièle is a female given name.

Variations of Daniel

Of course, there are variations of Daniel you should look into if you want to explore more about the name.

  1. Daniel – is a French boy’s name that means “The Lord is My Judge, Joyful.
  2. Daniel – Germans are referred to as Deutsche (living in Deutschland)
  3. Danilo – is a bold form of Daniel that is popular in a number of different nations, including Portugal, Spain, and Croatia.
  4. Danyal – this Turkish name is mostly used for men, and its meaning, (Only) God Is My Judge, reflects this.
  5. Danilevsky – screams Russian and is perfect for any language enthusiast.

How popular are the nicknames for daniel

The Social Security Administration records show that Daniel has been one of the most common names given to babies throughout the last century. It has been one of the top 20 names for boys since the 1970s, but its popularity peaked in 2007 and 2008, when it was ranked fifth. Ever since the year 2000, Daniel has been a top-20 player.

Nicknames for the name Daniel

Here are some additional nickname variations for you to choose from:

  1. Divine – is an unusual and fitting moniker for a unique individual.
  2. D Dazzler – is slang for someone whose presence is captivating.
  3. Dreamy Dan – Calling Daniel with this name is certain to get his heart racing.
  4. Dundy – this cheery name means “cool, balanced, self-confident.”
  5. Dove – If Daniel values tranquility, this peaceful bird is an appropriate moniker for him.

Cute nicknames for Daniel

If you are feeling the cute and adorable vibe, these nicknames are perfect for your little one:

  1. Li’l D. – a unique and funky moniker for your young son.
  2. Danny Boy – a fun variation on the name Daniel, a perfect nickname for your adorable little boy.
  3. Doodle – Daniel’s books are filled with doodles, then his nickname should be “Doodle.”
  4. Delish – Daniel’s upbeat spin on the word “delicious” for the little ones
  5. Doughnut – you won’t go wrong with the name for your little boy especially if you love sweets
  6. Darlin’ D. – if you want to win Daniel’s affections, call him this name.
  7. Dimsum – the warm and gooey dimsum is a perfect moniker for Daniel.
  8. My Niel – if you’re the possessive kind, give Dan this cool moniker
  9. Dearo – is a ubiquitous term of affection that requires no explanation.
  10. Dewball – you think of your kid Daniel every time you see a dew drop, then this one’s for you.
  11. Nie Nie – names like this are easy to choose since they are so charming and unusual.
  12. Doe – Select this option if your Daniel has the grace and beauty of a doe.

Funny nicknames for Daniel

Try calling your son or daughter these names and have a good laugh, we assure you it’s fun!

  1. Dandroid – If Daniel is a nerd or uses an android, this is a clever moniker for him.
  2. Dannibal – If Dan is an avid follower of Hannibal
  3. Detective Dan – If spying is Daniel’s thing, then this is an excellent choice.
  4. Dopey D – Name him this s a solution for when Daniel has problems remaining awake.
  5. Sodan – Meaning thatDaniel’s love of soda may have been so intense that carbonation was found in his blood.
  6. Pan-niel – A gift for Daniel, the master chef.
  7. Diarrheal – Funny moniker for a Daniel who’s having stomach trouble.
  8. Dum Dum – Is your Daniel a complete moron? Whether or not this is the case, you now know what your nickname will be.
  9. Don – If Daniel is like some other individuals, he probably enjoys playing the part of criminals.

Famous people with the name Daniel

Some people also go with the name Daniel, so here are some famous people whom can be an inspiration in naming your baby:

  1. Daniel Agger -former Liverpool player and Danish international
Daniel Agger
Daniel Agger

Image Source: Thailand Liverpool FC

2. Tablo (real name Daniel Armand Lee) – is a Canadian-born Korean hip hop performer, rapper, and lyricist who is a member of the group Epik High.

Tablo (real name Daniel Armand Lee)
Tablo (real name Daniel Armand Lee)

Image Source: Wikipedia

3. Daniel Clarkson – actor and dramatist of the United Kingdom; drummer and singer-Daniel

Daniel Clarkson
Daniel Clarkson

Image Source: Curtis Brown

4. Daniel de los Reyes – songwriter of the United States, The Zac Brown Band

Daniel de los Reyes
Daniel de los Reyes

Image Source: Bucks County Courier Times

5. Daniel Gutman (1901-1993) – was a distinguished American legislator, assemblyman, judge, and dean of a law school.


Image Source: Twitter
Alt-Text: Daniel Gutman

Nicknames for Daniel: Common FAQs

Is Daniel name rare?

Daniel ranked as the number sixteen most frequent name for males and the number eight thousand four hundred and six most common name for girls. In 2021, Daniel will be the name of 1 in every 205 males and 1 in every 148,291 girls.

Is DanE a nickname for Daniel?

The name Dane is of British origin and may be used for either a boy or a girl. This name for newborns has its origins in Old English, and it means “from Denmark.” Danes are a people group well known as the inhabitants of Denmark, a nation in Northern Europe. It’s a safe bet if you’re considering this name for your newborn.

Is Daniel a nice name?

You should really consider going with Daniel. There is a biblical character named Daniel. Originating in the Hebrew phrase “God is my judge,” which may be found in the Old Testament of the Bible. Despite facing persecution and peril, the Old Testament character Daniel remained faithful to the God of Israel.