nicknames for sebastian Overview

Sebastian: The name Sebastian goes back to the 14th century, where it was first used in Germany. It’s derived from the Latin word for “venerable.”

Gender: Sebastian is usually and historically associated with boys.

Origin: The name Sebastian was first used in ancient Greece to refer to people from Sebastia, a city that is now in modern-day Turkey. Because of Saint Sebastian, the name was considerably more frequently used.

Pronunciation: seh-BASH-tee-uhn

Variations: Bastian, Sebastiaan, Bastiaan, Bastian, Sebastiano, and Sebastianos.

What does Sebastian stand for?

Sebastian is a name that means “defender” or “guardian”. It comes from the Greek name Sebastianos, which was derived from the word sebastos meaning “venerable”. The name has long been used in Christian Europe as a form of Sebastianus. It was popularized by Saint Sebastian, an early 4th century martyr who is said to have been dragged through the streets with arrows sticking out of his body.

sebastian meaning

Derived from the Latin surname “from Sebaste,” which referred to those from a region in what was then known as Asia Minor (Turkey). Soldiers and athletes both have Saint Sebastian as their patron saint.

sebastian name origin

Sebastian is a name with royal connections. It originates from the name Sebastianus, which was the Latinized form of the Greek Sebastos (meaning “venerable”), a derivative of the Greek word sebastos (meaning “venerable”, “revered” or “exalted”).

Why is the name Sebastian so popular?

There are hundreds of saints named Sebastian. The most famous is the 3rd-century martyr who was killed by arrows while defending Christians in Rome. His story is told in a 4th-century account by Pope Damasus, who claimed that he saw the saint’s body being removed from the catacombs where he was buried. The saint was later adopted by archers and soldiers as their patron.

Sebastian is also the name of several early saints, including a 4th-century bishop of Milan who was martyred for converting to Christianity during the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian. There was also an 8th-century bishop of Seville who was beheaded for refusing to baptize Moors under Islamic rule — he became known as “El Santo” (“the holy one”).

Variations of baby name sebastian

  1. Bastian (Bastian)
  2. Sebastián (Spanish)
  3. Sebastiani (Swahili)
  4. Sebastiano (Italian)
  5. Sebastianos (Greek)
  6. Sebastião (Portuguese)

Sibling Names Sebastian

  1. Amelia
  2. Rose
  3. Alexander
  4. Philippa
  5. Pippa
  6. Finlay
  7. Oliver
  8. Alyssa
  9. Edison
  10. Tabitha
  11. Rafferty
  12. Olivia
  13. Tilly
  14. Beatrice
  15. Claudia
  16. Abraham
  17. Samantha
  18. Shiloh
  19. Ethan
  20. Natalie
  21. Adelaide
  22. Callista
  23. Daniel
  24. Eloise
  25. Felix
  26. Harper
  27. Hugo
  28. Michael
  29. Oliver
  30. Scarlett
  31. Theodore
  32. Xavier

(Number) cool nicknames for sebastian

  1. Ash
  2. Ashton
  3. Bas
  4. Bast
  5. Basto
  6. Bash
  7. Basha
  8. Basher
  9. Bassy
  10. Bastian
  11. Bastion
  12. Bastee
  13. Basti
  14. Basty
  15. Baz
  16. Bazza
  17. Ian
  18. Sab
  19. Seb
  20. Sebs
  21. Sebi
  22. Sebas
  23. Sebbel
  24. Sebbie
  25. Sebby
  26. Sep
  27. Sepp
  28. Sepi
  29. Sev
  30. Sian
  31. SJ
  32. Tatan
  33. Tian
  34. Zeb
  35. Zebby

(Number) middle names for sebastian

  1. Sebastian Andrew
  2. Sebastian Anthony
  3. Sebastian Arthur
  4. Sebastian August
  5. Sebastian Bennett
  6. Sebastian Blake
  7. Sebastian Bryce
  8. Sebastian Cade
  9. Sebastian Caleb
  10. Sebastian Christian
  11. Sebastian Christopher
  12. Sebastian David
  13. Sebastian Davis
  14. Sebastian Devon
  15. Sebastian Dwight
  16. Sebastian Emmett
  17. Sebastian Eric
  18. Sebastian Evan
  19. Sebastian Frank
  20. Sebastian Gabriel
  21. Sebastian George
  22. Sebastian Gregory
  23. Sebastian Harris
  24. Sebastian Isaac
  25. Sebastian Jackson
  26. Sebastian James
  27. Sebastian Kenny
  28. Sebastian Louis
  29. Sebastian Lucas
  30. Sebastian Luke
  31. Sebastian Michael
  32. Sebastian Nathan
  33. Sebastian Noel
  34. Sebastian Oliver
  35. Sebastian Parker
  36. Sebastian Patrick
  37. Sebastian Paul
  38. Sebastian Peter
  39. Sebastian Philip
  40. Sebastian Quincy
  41. Sebastian Richard
  42. Sebastian Robert
  43. Sebastian Tyson
  44. Sebastian Victor
  45. Sebastian Vincent
  46. Sebastian Westin
  47. Sebastian William
  48. Sebastian Willis
  49. Sebastian Zachary

(Number) famous people named sebastian

  1. Saint Sebastian
    Roman Catholic martyred saint who was executed by Emperor Diocletian
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach
    German composer whose baroque-era compositions are well-known
  3. Sebastian Melmoth
    Pseudonym adopted by author Oscar Wilde
  4. Sebastian Roché
    French actor best known for his work on The Vampire Diaries, General Hospital, and Supernatural
  5. Sebastián Piñera
    President of Chile from 2018 to the present
  6. Sébastien Loeb
    Professional rally and racing driver from France with nine world titles and 79 victories to his credit
  7. Sebastian Stan
    Actor who portrayed Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Romanian-American
  8. Sebastian Cabot
    One of the first voyages to locate a North-West passage through North America was led by Cabot in 1508–1509. He is commonly recognized as having reached “the high latitudes,” when he described coming across iceberg fields and a clear waterway but had to turn around.
  9. Sebastian Kneipp
    Father Sebastian Kneipp stands sternly in the front row next to Benedict Lust. Kneipp, known for his use of herbs and water as a therapy, helped the underprivileged. Three books he wrote have been used as models by those looking for health all around the world.

nicknames for sebastian: common FAQs

Is Sebastian a good baby name?

Sebastian is a name that has been used for years, and for good reason. It’s a classic name with a lot of character. The meaning of Sebastian is “resembling a sage,” and it’s also the name of a saint who was martyred. The name Sebastian has been around since the Middle Ages, when it was popular among royalty. In fact, Sebastian was one of the most common names for kings during this time period.

What is another name for Sebastian?

A person named Sebastian is also known as Sebastianus, Sebastien, Sebastiane, Sebastiano, Sebastiano, Sebastiaan and Seb. Sebastian is a German name that means “sebastianus” or “holy”. It’s a variation of the name Sebastianus and Sebaste, which are Latin forms of the Greek name Sebastos.
Is Sebastian a unique name?
Sebastian is also a popular name outside of the U.S., although it’s not as popular as some other names. Sebastian is a very common first name in Germany and Switzerland, for example. It’s also common in other European countries like Poland, Italy and France.

Is Bastian a nickname for Sebastian?

Bastian is a nickname for Sebastian. In fact, there are many variations on this name: Basti, Bastien, Bastin, Bastien and Bastian. The name can be used as a first or middle name and it’s most commonly given to boys. It doesn’t have any meaning but many people associate it with strength, courage and intelligence.

what is a good nickname for sebastian?

Some parents like to give their children nicknames that are shorter and easier to pronounce than their full names. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of our favorite Sebastian nicknames: Seb, Basti (or Bastie), Bassy.